hell to ships, hell to men, and hell to cities. (prozacpark) wrote in magic_mirrors,
hell to ships, hell to men, and hell to cities.

Next Chat: Bluebeard variations

Our next chat will be on Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber." We'll be reading two stories in the book: The Bloody Chamber and The Tiger's Bride. Besides these stories, I would also like us to read a short, nonfiction essay on the story of Bluebeard and different versions of it. The essay can be found online here: Bluebeard and the Bloody Chamber.

In addition to that, I would like us to read Cupid and Psyche by Lucius Apuleius. This ancient Roman story is very possibly the first of the stories where a curious heroine marries a supposed monster and disobeys his one demand.

For those unfamiliar with the Bluebeard story, the original fairy tale can be found here.

ETA: We'll meet for this chat on Wednesday (June 14th) at 8:30 pm EST.
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