hell to ships, hell to men, and hell to cities. (prozacpark) wrote in magic_mirrors,
hell to ships, hell to men, and hell to cities.

Chat Schedule and a change of pace.

I have been meaning to schedule a chat for "Silver Metal Lover" for a while, but I have not been able to read the book. When I picked this book, I had forgotten about classes starting and now that they have, things have been incredibly hectic for me. I have to read an insane amount of really long novels for classes this semester, and it doesn't seem like I would be able to make time for this book until December.

If you guys can wait till December for this chat, it'd be great. However, I know that some of you have already read this book, and I would hate to keep you guys from discussing it now. So if you want, you're welcome to go on and have this book chat without me. Whatever you decide, please do comment and let me know if you can wait or would rather have the chat some time this month. :)

Also, because classes are in session for some of us (and a special kind of hell for me this semester), I thought that we might try lighter stuff for the next few months. Which would mean that we would mostly do comics and movies, if everyone is okay with that. So when you comment to let me know your preference for the chat date for "Silver Metal Lover," post some suggestions for movies that we could watch.
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